Head movements are called as Shirobheda.


“Samam Udhvahitam Adhomukham
Alolitham Dhrutam Kampithamcha
Paravrutham Utkshiptham Parivahitham


  1. Samam: To Look Straight

2. Udhvahitam: To Move the head Up(Looking up)

3. Adhomukham: To Move the head Down(Looking down)

4. Alolitham: Rotating in circular movement(Feeling Faint)

5. Dhrutam: To Move the head Sideways(right -left)

6. Kampitamcha: To Move the head Up and Down

7. Paravrutham: To Look Sideways

8. Utkshiptham: To Look Diagonally up

9. Parivahitam: Saying No(Denying)

These are the nine types of Shirobhedas as mentioned in Natyashashtra.

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