Eye Movements are called as Drishtibheda.


“Samam Alokitam Saachi pralokitam Nimilitae
Ullokita Anuvritte cha tatha chaiva Avalokitam
Ithyashcha drishthi bhedaha syu kirtitaha purvasuribhi”


  1. Samam: To look Straight
  2. Alokitam: To move eyes in circular movement(Up-Right-Down-Left-Up)
  3. Saachi: Looking one side
  4. Pralokitam: Looking right and left
  5. Nimilitae: Looking Down
  6. Ullokita: Looking up
  7. Anuvritte: Looking up and down
  8. Avalokitam: Looking our own limbs.

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