Adavus are the basic building blocks of Bharatnatyam.

Adavus provide a technical base to a dancer to do intricate movements while dancing, hence a dancer should have regular practice of adavus.

Adavus are classified into differnt groups having variations and sub divisions.

The basic postures used while doing Adavus are:

1. Sama sthana

This is a Standing position, the body is erect, spine is straight, feet touching together and toes facing front.

2. Ardhamandi sthana (Aramandala/Aramandi sthana)

Here the feet are turned aside in a horizontal line and sit in half sit. Balancing the weight on both feet.

3. Mandi sthana (Muzhumandi sthana)

Here the dancer is in a sitting posture, the thighs and shanks will be in contact and the knees will be turned out.

the dancer balances on toes in this position. of AdavuSyllable(Sollkattu)
1Tatta AdavuTaiya tai
2Natta AdavuTai yum tat ta tai yum ta ha
3KudittaMetta AdavuTai ha tai hi
4Mardita Adavu
Visaru Adavu/Paraval Adavu
Ta tai tai ta dhit tai tai ta
5Etta AdavuTat tai ta ha dhit tai ta ha
6Sarikal AdavuTai ha tai hi
7Paaithal AdavuTat taiyum tat ta ha
dhit taiyum tat ta ha
8Mandi AdavuTalangu tom
9TattiMetti Adavu
Pancha Nadai Adavu
Depends on Nadai:
Chatusram: Taka Dhimi
Tisram: Takita
Mishram: Taka Dhimi Takita or Takita Taka Dhimi
Khandam: Taka Takita
Sankeernam: Taka Dhimi Taka Takita
10Teermanam AdavuDhit dhit tai,
11Korvai Adavu
Mei Adavu
Tat tai tam dhit tai tam
12Sutra Adavu
Sutral Adavu
Tat tai tam dhit tai tam
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